Torsten Bögershausen <> writes:

> Thanks for digging, as we now know better:
> do you want to squeeze in someting like this:
> s/Since the day/Since commit 5e2c7cd2/ 

I usually do not dig only to give suggestions to others, which will
risk the time I spent to go to total waste.  When I find the log
message lacking, and if the patch looked otherwise OK enough, I do
the digging myself in order to tweak to reduce one round-trip
(otherwise I'd just discard and tell the submitter to do the
digging).  I may send out what I learned as a response, but that is
a mere "side effect"; the primary effect of queuing an improved
patch has often already happened when you see the result of my

I do not recall what I did for this particular patch, but you should
be able to fetch and run "git log origin/master..origin/pu" to find
out what I did ;-).

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