I'm banging my head on this problem: I have a central repo cloned by SSH, and a 
fork on the same server. The central remote is origin, and the fork is 

$ git remote -v | grep origin
origin  chbrosso@lltech:/git/lightct.git (fetch)
origin  chbrosso@lltech:/git/lightct.git (push)

$ git remote -v | grep chbrosso-wip
chbrosso-wip    chbrosso@lltech:~/prog/git/lightct.git (fetch)
chbrosso-wip    chbrosso@lltech:~/prog/git/lightct.git (push)

On a local working copy, fetched my fork and checked out a remote branch out of 
it. Its remote-tracking branch is on the fork.

$ git branch -vv | grep \*
* actor                         d98ec24 [chbrosso-wip/actor] (commit msg)

Now, submodules for this repo have relative URLs. And this is where the problem 
begins, because the submodule isn't forked, but resides only in origin.

But this shouldn't cause any problem, right? The docs says that if relative URL 
are used, they resolve using the origin URL. First issue, it's not the case:

$ cat .gitmodules
[submodule "motors"]
        path = motors
        url = ../motors.git
        branch = master
$ git submodule init motors
Submodule 'motors' (chbrosso@lltech:~/prog/git/motors.git) registered for path 

Here the submodule is registered on my fork, which doesn't exist, and it's 
wrong with what the documentation says.

Fine, I'll edit the .git/config entry to make it point to origin:

$ git config submodule.motors.url chbrosso@lltech:/git/motors.git

$ git config submodule.motors.url

$ ssh chbrosso@lltech "if  [ -d /git/motors.git ]; then echo 'ok'; fi"

So the submodule's url is changed, and points to a correct path, let's update 
so that I can work

$ git submodule update motors
fatal: '~/prog/git/motors.git' does not appear to be a git repository
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists.
Unable to fetch in submodule path 'motors'

That's right, it is still the old url, and I can't have my submodule!
Can someone explain what's going on? And how can I get my submodule in the 
working copy?

git version 1.9.2.msysgit.0 on Windows 7 SP1 64 bit


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