Addition of strbuf_set operations, version 3.

Includes suggestions from Eric Sunshine [1]:

  - Revise log message to better argue why this patch is worthwhile.

  - Avoid documentation redundancy: "Setting buffer", "Replace buffer".

  - Remove unnecessary changes which didn't have a significant benefit
        to avoid unnecessary "code churn".  builtin/remote.c was the one
        file which showed a significant benefit.  Others with negligible
        benefits have been left as is.

The possible performance improvements using a strbuf_grow_to() operation
as suggested by Michael Haggerty [2] has been left for a later patch.



Jeremiah Mahler (2):
  add strbuf_set operations
  builtin/remote: improve readability via strbuf_set()

 Documentation/technical/api-strbuf.txt | 18 ++++++++++
 builtin/remote.c                       | 63 +++++++++++++---------------------
 strbuf.c                               | 21 ++++++++++++
 strbuf.h                               | 13 +++++++
 4 files changed, 75 insertions(+), 40 deletions(-)


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