Ronnie Sahlberg <> writes:

> Final version.
> This patch series can also be found at
> This patch series is based on next and expands on the transaction API. It
> converts all ref updates, inside refs.c as well as external, to use the
> transaction API for updates. This makes most of the ref updates to become
> atomic when there are failures locking or writing to a ref.
> This version completes the work to convert all ref updates to use 
> transactions.
> Now that all updates are through transactions I will start working on
> cleaning up the reading of refs and to create an api for managing reflogs but
> all that will go in a different patch series.

As this seems to be based on the old 'next' before it got rewound,
it was a bit painful to rebase it on top of 'master' (so that it
won't have to wait for other topics if we wanted to graduate it
earlier than others).  It also had interactions with various topics
still in flight in 'pu'.  I managed to coax it on 'pu' somewhere
above the commit that is equivalent to 'next', but I am reasonably
sure there are mismerges, as the conflicts were many X-<.

I'd appreciate it if you can eyeball the result with

  $ git show --first-parent -m 'origin/pu^{/^Merge branch .rs/ref-transactions}'

when I push it out.

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