>> +             test_cmp status.actual.2 status.expect.2
> It is customary to call the files 'expect' and 'actual'. Furthermore,
> swap the order so that in case of a failure the diff shows how the
> actual text was changed from the expected text:
>                 test_cmp status.expect.2 status.actual.2

So, is naming the files "status.expect.2" instead of just
"expect"/"actual" ok or not?
Those prefixes "status" etc just help sorting out where the problem
lies that causes the test to fail. But let me know if this is too

> Moreover, test_*_fail helpers are intended to be used only with git
> commands; we don't expect system commands to fail in unexpected ways.

Ok, no problem, will change that. The only thing, I saw this in other
tests, so decided to use it too. Those tests use "test_mighf_fail rm"
and "ls" seemingly without invocation of git
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