Torsten Bögershausen <> writes:

> Or try to have a functionality to always use packed refs, and have a 
> configuration
> for it:
> The advantage can be that branch names like "Branch" and "BRANCH" can live 
> together
> in a project, regardless if you have a case sensitive or insensitve file 
> system.

That is unfortunately *FALSE*.  You forgot about how reflogs are
stored for these branches.

> Another advantage with the "always packed refs" is that you can have branches
> bugfix and bugfix/next-bug side by side.

Again, you forgot about reflogs.

For this case I do not think it even is unfortunate.  Having two
"bugfix" and "bugfix/a" branches, if you are planning to use the
hierarchical names to group things together, does not make much
sense, and if you are not using these hierarchical names to group
things together you can always use "bugfix" vs "bugfix-a" instead.
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