Am 13.06.2014 23:13, schrieb Jonathan Nieder:
René Scharfe wrote:

-       if (incomplete)
-               *lineno++ = len;
+       *lineno = len;

-       sb->num_lines = num + incomplete;
+       sb->num_lines = num;

This will always treat whatever comes after the last newline as an
incomplete line, even if it has zero length.  Is that safe?  (Not a
rhetorical question --- I haven't looked carefully at the caller.)

There is no need to look at the caller -- the contents of the lineno array is not (intended to be) changed by the patch.

The original code is:

        p = memchr(p, '\n', end - p);
        if (p) {
                *lineno++ = p - buf;

Suppose there is no incomplete line. For the last EOL of a buffer, p points to buf[len - 1] after the memchr call. Then it is incremented. Then buf + len - buf is written into the last lineno member -- same as after the patch.

Makes sense?

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