On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 09:48:24AM -0400, Jason Pyeron wrote:

> Whenever my computer crashes, I am left with a socket file. On next git
> invocation it tries to conenct to the file, but the daemon is not running so 
> it
> barfs until I delete the file.

It's supposed to transparently handle this situation. The server always
runs unlink() before binding to clear it out. The client will spawn the
server when it tries to connect and gets either ENOENT or ECONNREFUSED.


> jpyeron@black /projects/dcarr/saar
> $ git push
> fatal: unable to connect to cache daemon: No error

Apparently your errno is 0 after returning an error from

Could this be a cygwin weirdness? I'd be interested to see the output

  echo url=https://example.com |
  strace -f git credential-cache get

in such a case.

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