Yi EungJun <semtlen...@gmail.com> writes:

> Could you change the author to "Yi EungJun <eungjun...@navercorp.com>"
> if you apply this patch?

You can send a patch with the desired "From: " line that matches the
identity on the "Signed-off-by: " line at the beginning of the log
message, like this:

        From: nori <semtlen...@gmail.com>
        Subject: [PATCH] http-protocol.txt: Basic Auth is RFC 2617, not RFC 2616
        To: unlisted-recipients:; (no To-header on input)
        Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2014 04:09:29 +0900
        Message-ID: <539cafe8.c1a4420a.08dd.fffff...@mx.google.com>

        From: Yi EungJun <eungjun...@navercorp.com>

        Here you write your log message, after a blank line to
        separate the in-body From: header above with the log
        message.  And then after a blank line below, you sign-off
        your patch.

        Signed-off-by: Yi EungJun <eungjun...@navercorp.com>
         ... diffstat here ...

        diff --git a/... diff here ...
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