Am 11.06.2014 11:37, schrieb Stepan Kasal:
> This is the second part of the time-proven unicode suport branch from msysgit.
> This batch is a collection of small independent changes, limited to mingw.c.
> The only exception is the last patch: it changes gitk and git-gui.

I'm missing the other two "Unicode file name" patches (and "Win32: fix detection
of empty directories in is_dir_empty", probably squashed). If gitk and git-gui
expect file names to be UTF-8, git.exe should do so as well, don't you think?

Otherwise OK (and AFAICT, there's only environment stuff left).

>   Win32: Unicode arguments (incoming)

Note: This depends on "MSVC: link dynamically to the CRT", which was sent
separately (and is already in master - good).

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