On 06/16/2014 10:43 PM, Jeff King wrote:

>> +    v = git_config_get_string(alias_key);
>> +    if (!v)
>> +            config_error_nonbool(alias_key);
> What does a NULL output from git_config_get_string mean? I think with
> the current code, it means "no such key was found".  In which case, you
> should be returning NULL here (there is no such alias), not complaining
> with config_error_nonbool.

Yes, you surmised correctly. I totally skipped the fact that git_config() can
return null for values indicating a boolean value. I will correct it in the next

> Again, this is going to depend on your strategy for storing booleans
> that I mentioned elsewhere.

I have read your other two replies related to it. I suggest the following 
for git_config_get_string(), it will return,

1. Return null if no value was found for the entered key.

2. Empty string (""), returned for NULL values denoting boolean true in some 
   I think it would be much better than converting NULL to "true" or something 
   internally in the function.
   We can easily handle such cases as the above with a strcmp like,

+       v = git_config_get_string(alias_key);
+       if (!strcmp(v, ""))
+               config_error_nonbool(alias_key);

What do you think about this approach?

Thanks for the suggestion, I was pulling my hair out due this bug for last two 

Tanay Abhra.

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