On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 08:38:32AM -0400, Jason Pyeron wrote:

> > That's rather old. In the meantime we have:
> > 
> >     commit 6005dbb9bf21d10b209f7924e305bd04b9ab56d2
> [...]
> I will (try to) compile master and test. This is the latest version in cygwin.

To save you some trouble, I actually found that commit by reproducing
your problem on Linux and bisecting. So I'm fairly sure it will fix it
for you. :)

You may want to bug the cygwin packagers about updating their version of
git. v1.7.9 is two and a half years old, and since then we have many
bugfixes, including some which are specifically targeted at cygwin
(which can only lead me to assume a lot of people are building from
source on cygwin).

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