Sergei Organov <> writes:

> Junio C Hamano <> writes:
>> Sergei Organov <> writes:
>>> Will something break if it won't helpfully prepend refs/tags/ once
>>> --all is given?
>> "describe --all --match 'v*'" will no longer match a tag v1.2.3, and
>> forces the users to say "describe --match 'refs/tags/v*'",
> No,
> descirbe --match 'v*'
> or
> describe --tags --match 'v*'
> depending on what they actually meant. Notice my "once --all is given"
> above.  ...
> Those who used --all meant to match against all the refs, no?

I noticed it when I responded and ignored it as unworkable, because
it would make the interface inconsistent by making the meaning of
one option (i.e. --match) change depending on an unrelated option
(i.e. --all or --tags).

You can argue both ways: Those who read the doc and used --match
did mean to limit to tags.

The thing is, you cannot change it without risking to break existing
usage.  That does not necessarily mean you can never change
anything.  You only need to craft a careful transition plan to
minimize the pain for those who will be broken, and the end result
will be good if the pain is small enough and the benefit is large
enough ;)

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