Nico Williams wrote:

>  - one could see the history of branches, including

Interesting.  'git log -g' is good for getting that information
locally, but the protocol doesn't have a way to get it from a remote
server so you have to ssh in.  Ronnie (cc-ed) and I were talking
recently about whether it would make sense to update git protocol to
have a way to get at the remote reflogs more easily --- would that be
useful to you?

>  - how commits were grouped when pushed/pulled (push 5 commits, and
> the branch object will record that its head moved by those five
> commits at once)

The reflog on the server (if enabled) records this.

>  - rebase history (git log <branch-object> -> better than git reflog!)

The local reflog ('git log -g <branch>') records this.

>  - object transactional APIs would be used to update branches

Ronnie's recent ref-transaction code does this.

Thanks and hope that helps,
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