On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 11:19:09PM -0400, Eric Sunshine wrote:

> > -               if (starts_with(command_buf.buf, "M "))
> > -                       file_change_m(b);
> > -               else if (starts_with(command_buf.buf, "D "))
> > -                       file_change_d(b);
> > -               else if (starts_with(command_buf.buf, "R "))
> > -                       file_change_cr(b, 1);
> > -               else if (starts_with(command_buf.buf, "C "))
> > -                       file_change_cr(b, 0);
> > -               else if (starts_with(command_buf.buf, "N "))
> > -                       note_change_n(b, &prev_fanout);
> > +               const char *v;
> This declaration of 'v' shadows the 'v' added by patch 8/16 earlier in
> the function.

Thanks.  I reordered the patches before sending, so when this one was
originally written, there was no "v" at the top-level of the function.
I think we can just drop this interior one. The point of the short "v"
is that it can be used as a temporary value for prefix matches, so I
think we can just reuse the same one.

I tried compiling with -Wshadow (which I don't usually do), but we're
not even close to compiling clean there. Some of them are legitimately
confusing (e.g., try figuring out "end" in parse_rev_note). But others
look just annoying (e.g., complaining that a local "usage" conflicts
with the global function). I don't know if we want to put effort into
being -Wshadow clean or not.

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