Tanay Abhra <tanay...@gmail.com> writes:

> +/* for NULL values, 'util' for each `string_list_item` is flagged as 1 */

It's a void *, so just saying that it is flagged as 1 does not say how
it's encoded. How about "... is an 'int *' pointing to the value 1".

And actually, you can save one malloc by encoding the value directly in
the util pointer itself like

#define NULL_FLAG (void *)1

        item->util = NULL_FLAG;

I find this a bit ugly, but I think Git already uses this in a few
places (git grep 'void \*) *1' for examples).

Or you can use a pointer to a single static value:

static const int boolean_null_flag = 1; // Or even without = 1.

and then

        item->util = &boolean_null_flag;

Matthieu Moy
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