Jens Lehmann wrote:

> But I agree that this is suboptimal for your workflow. What about adding
> a "Visualize These Changes In The Submodule" menu entry for the context
> menu of a change in gitk just like the one git gui already has? Then the
> user could examine the merges in more detail if he wants.

Such a menu entry might be useful,  but it is still different workflow. It 
would be useful in the 'that commit sounds interesting - show me' case. I 
would need to see the commit title to know if it sounds interesting though. 

Your suggestion involves a different window and context, but all I want to 
see is a list of commit titles so I can press 'up' to see the next ones, not 
have to close a window first before I can see the next list, and then have 
to right-click to see the list of commits.

Is it so difficult to list the titles of all of the newly-reachable commits? 
Even with a config option? Even an undocumented option? 

Failing all of that, can you show me where the code would need to be changed 
to list all of the newly-reachable commits? I can keep a commit for myself 



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