I was trying to setup a git client to deal with our version of a
triangular workflow and found that there where no configuration
directives which supported our use case.

Developers create and commit to branches named dev/<user>/TOPIC
(Branch permissions are handled by Gitolite).  If the topic is
prefixed with 'pqm/' then the revisions are treated as "proposals" for
changing the head of a higher-level branch.  E.g. pushing to
dev/bob/pqm/master results in the PQM software checking out that
revision and running tests upon the source.  If all tests pass then
the 'master' branch is updated to point at the submitted revision. The
benefit for us using this approach is that it gives developers a
private sandbox in which they can push/pull code between one another
w/out needing a separate repository per-developer (or setting up a
repo on everyones workstation), and if they choose to submit code
changes to be a new baseline they simply create a PQM branch and
submit to it.

I found that it is possible to setup git to easily deal with this
work-flow (triangular) if the pull repository is different than the
push repository, but our use case relies on the pull branch being
different than the push branch.  It would seem that git would need a
branch.<name>.push directive for this to work out.
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