When many branches contain the commit, they used to be shown in
the form "A, B and many more", where A, B can be master of current
HEAD. But there are more which might be interesting to always know about.
For example, "origin/master".

The new option, visiblerefs, is stored in ~/.gitk. It contains a list
of references which are always shown before "and many more" if they
contain the commit. By default it is `{"master"}', which is compatible
with previous behavior.

Signed-off-by: Max Kirillov <m...@max630.net>
 gitk | 10 ++++++----
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/gitk b/gitk
index 41e5071..7ce6014 100755
--- a/gitk
+++ b/gitk
@@ -2787,7 +2787,7 @@ proc savestuff {w} {
     global mainheadcirclecolor workingfilescirclecolor indexcirclecolor
     global linkfgcolor circleoutlinecolor
     global autoselect autosellen extdifftool perfile_attrs markbgcolor use_ttk
-    global hideremotes want_ttk maxrefs
+    global hideremotes want_ttk maxrefs visiblerefs
     global config_file config_file_tmp
     if {$stuffsaved} return
@@ -2813,6 +2813,7 @@ proc savestuff {w} {
        puts $f [list set autosellen $autosellen]
        puts $f [list set showneartags $showneartags]
        puts $f [list set maxrefs $maxrefs]
+       puts $f [list set visiblerefs $visiblerefs]
        puts $f [list set hideremotes $hideremotes]
        puts $f [list set showlocalchanges $showlocalchanges]
        puts $f [list set datetimeformat $datetimeformat]
@@ -7033,7 +7034,7 @@ proc viewnextline {dir} {
 # add a list of tag or branch names at position pos
 # returns the number of names inserted
 proc appendrefs {pos ids var} {
-    global ctext linknum curview $var maxrefs mainheadid
+    global ctext linknum curview $var maxrefs visiblerefs mainheadid
     if {[catch {$ctext index $pos}]} {
        return 0
@@ -7054,14 +7055,14 @@ proc appendrefs {pos ids var} {
     if {[llength $tags] > $maxrefs} {
        # If we are displaying heads, and there are too many,
        # see if there are some important heads to display.
-       # Currently this means "master" and the current head.
+       # Currently that are the current head and heads listed in $visiblerefs 
        set itags {}
        if {$var eq "idheads"} {
            set utags {}
            foreach ti $tags {
                set hname [lindex $ti 0]
                set id [lindex $ti 1]
-               if {($hname eq "master" || $id eq $mainheadid) &&
+               if {([lsearch -exact $visiblerefs $hname] != -1 || $id eq 
$mainheadid) &&
                    [llength $itags] < $maxrefs} {
                    lappend itags $ti
                } else {
@@ -12043,6 +12044,7 @@ set wrapcomment "none"
 set showneartags 1
 set hideremotes 0
 set maxrefs 20
+set visiblerefs {"master"}
 set maxlinelen 200
 set showlocalchanges 1
 set limitdiffs 1

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