I have git from Debian's 2.0.0-2 package:

        $ git version
        git version 2.0.0

git request-pull is broken for me:

        $ git rev-parse HEAD
        $ git ls-remote origin | grep 9e065e4a5a58308f1a0da4bb80b830929dfa90b3
        $ git request-pull origin/master origin HEAD > /dev/null
        warn: No match for commit 9e065e4a5a58308f1a0da4bb80b830929dfa90b3 
found at origin
        warn: Are you sure you pushed 'HEAD' there?

The same happens on

The problem is in git-request-pull.sh's find_matching_ref. This code has
more than one problem (looking on

        - find_matching_ref doesn't assign to $found if none of the if
          conditions in the loop match (this results in my problem);
        - find_matching_ref happily overwrites $found even if the
          previous ref was better according to the metric specified
          above the definition of find_matching_ref; and
        - the output generated uses $pretty_remote without asserting
          that it matches $ref. In my case this results in a branch
          specification of "HEAD" even if I fix find_matching_ref to
          return refs/heads/ukl/for-mainline.

I tried to add this case to t/t5150-request-pull.sh, but didn't
understand how after starring at it for half an hour. :-(

Bisection points on 024d34cb0813 (request-pull: more strictly match
local/remote branches) as first bad commit. Apart from introducing the
warning, it also changes the branch spec from "ukl/for-mainline" (which
is correct) to the name of the current branch (which is bogus). Also
024d34cb0813 makes 5 out of 7 tests in t/t5150-request-pull.sh fail.

Best regards

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