On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 04:13:22PM +0200, Michael J Gruber wrote:

> This is v3 rebased on current next (the %G works by Jeff & Junio).

Aside from the minor test issues Junio pointed out, I think this version
looks OK.

> For a general command which allows different verification policies,
> I'm still wondering whether we may need hooks which receive all
> the relevant information in the environment. Otherwise we'll have a ton of
> options such as --match-committer-uid, --verify--AllParentsHaveMergeTags,
> --verify--All-ParentsAreSignedCommits, --peel-to-commit, --merge-commit-only, 
> ...

I'd guess these would be project policies that could go in config. But I
do not think your series needs to be concerned with that yet.

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