Christian Couder <> writes:

>> While I agree with Michael on the other thread that we should limit
>> the syntax and start with ':' only, if you really want to allow
>> random syntax like "Bug #12345" and "Acked-by= Peff", for which you
>> have demonstrations in the tests in the other patch, the above rule
>> should be updated to also allow prefix matches to possible set of
>> keys defined by the user, so that an existing line that is produced
>> by your tool, e.g. "Acked-by= Peff", can be picked up as matching
>> with some token having a key "Acked-by= ".  Otherwise, the input
>> side of your tool is inconsistent with the output side of your own
>> tool, and that will make the flexiblity of the output side useless.
> I don't think that the flexibility of the output side would be
> useless.

Flexibility is useful, only if you can control it.

> We already emit stuff like:
> (cherry picked from commit f72baf07969242882128aff4c95ec8059e7fd054)
> and we don't care about any input side when we do that.

That is something you may want to _fix_, not take as an excuse to
make things worse, no?
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