Karsten Blees <karsten.bl...@gmail.com> writes:

> Which may not be too harmful in some cases, but if a user changes:
>  gc.pruneexpire=4.weeks.ago
> to
>  gc.pruneexpire=4.monhts.ago
> (note the typo), the next git-gc will warn the user and then happily throw
> away data that the user intended to keep (default is 2.weeks.ago).
> Thus I think git should die() if it encounters an invalid config setting.

Yes but not at the parsing time.  Only when we are about to _use_
the value for pruneexpire as a time duration we should die of the
error.  Diagnosing an error early is a separate matter, but if the
operation does not care about the typo we shouldn't die.
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