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> Från: "Elliot Wolk" <elliot.w...@gmail.com>
> Till: git@vger.kernel.org
> Skickat: måndag, 30 jun 2014 8:38:18
> Ämne: move detection doesnt take filename into account
> if you move two identical {e.g.: empty} files to two new locations in a
> single commit, the move detection picks them {seemingly?} arbitrarily.
> it should use a statistical algorithm to compare the filenames and pick
> a likely match.

I think it does, but based on filename suffix. E.g. here is a rename of
three empty files with a suffix.

 3 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
 rename 1.a => 2.a (100%)
 rename 1.b => 2.b (100%)
 rename 1.c => 2.c (100%)

-- robin
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