Vote now for the New WSEAS President for 2014-2017 -   WSEAS Presidency 
Elections for 2014-2017
Past WSEAS Presidents  
WSEAS Members ( as of February 14, 2014) 
can vote from now and until July 10 for new President of the Society by sending 
email to: The results will be announced on our page after 
July 10.

The 4 candidates are: (click on each name to see their CV or visit: id=7694)
[ ] Prof. Dr. Ion Cocui
[ ] Dr. Radoslav Bozov
[ ] Prof. Nikos Mastorakis
[ ] Assoc. Prof. Cornelia Aida Bulucea

In order to vote, send your email to copy/pasting the 
above list and replacing [ ] with [+] for the candidate of your choice
You can send only 1 vote and vote for only 1 candidate. Vote retraction/change 
is not accepted. Your WSEAS member ID number must be included in your email 
(all members have been sent a reminder email concerning their ID#)

Reminder: During January and February 2014, all our members were sent the 
following email: "If you want to be Candidate for the position of the 
President, you must send your CV to until March 10, 2014. 
As you know the World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS) is 
a registered non-profit association with Registration Number 22324/15 March 
1999 in Hellenic (Greek) Republic. Our Society has the following members (as of 
February 14, 2014): All members 
participate in electing a new president every three years. New elections have 
been announced to be held between July 1-10, 2014. If you want to be Candidate 
for the position of the President, you must send your CV to until March 10, 2014.
The President of the Society is required to be physically present at the WSEAS 
Headquarters at least 3 days per week. Our members will receive instructions of 
how to vote by email. WSEAS is also a non-profit international research 
Academy, with several research projects having been carried out at WSEAS or in 
collaboration with WSEAS:
Many Summer Schools and Seminars have also been organized by our Academy in the 
last 15 years: Several research 
collaborations have been successfully completed and through those research 
projects many students received their Ph.D. by our collaborating universities. 
For your voting you will need your ID Number"

Past WSEAS Presidents 

See also Do you want to come as Invited Speaker or Plenary Speaker 
in   ?


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