On 07/02/2014 06:20 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Alex Vandiver <a...@chmrr.net> writes:
>>     [remote "github"]
>>         url = g...@github.com:bestpractical/rt.git
>>         fetch = +refs/*:refs/*
>>         mirror = yes
> "git push github master^:master" must stay a usable way to update
> the published repository to an arbitrary commit, so "if set to
> mirror, do not pretend that a fetch in reverse has happened during
> 'git push'" will not be a solution to this issue.

Hm?  I'm confused, as mirror isn't compatible with refspecs:

$ git push github master^:master
error: --mirror can't be combined with refspecs

> Perhaps removing remote.github.fetch would be one sane way forward.

Ahh -- I see.  The repository predates a9f5a355, which split `git remote
add --mirror` into `--mirror=push` and `--mirror=fetch`, because of more
or less this exact problem.  Of course, there is nothing much that can
be done for existing repositories in this situation as it's a legitimate
 - Alex
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