On 07/02/2014 07:47 PM, Fabian Ruch wrote:
> [...]
>  2. Add user options to main commands
>     Enable options --signoff, --reset-author for pick, reword (19/19)
> The last stage was added in this reroll. It enables the parsing of
> line options for to-do list commands, which is still restricted to
> options without arguments because it is unclear how spaces can be
> parsed as characters rather than separators where needed. For
> instance, if we were to support
>     pick --author="A U Thor" fa1afe1 Some changes
> then read(1) would hand us the tokens `--author="A`, `U` and `Thor"`
> instead of `--author=A U Thor`, which we would want to relay to
> `do_pick`. Interpreting the shell quoting would help. However,
> eval(1) seems to disqualify itself as an interpreter because the
> to-do list entry could potentially contain any shell command line.
> This could be both a security and a usability issue. For this reason,
> the patch series still hasn't graduated from being RFC.
> [...]

It is not required that a patch series solves all of the problems in the
universe.  If these patches implements some useful features robustly,
and if there is no reason to expect that future enhancements will
require the user interface to be changed in a backwards-compatible way,
then there is no reason that this patch series has to be held as an RFC
hostage to some hypothetical future.


Michael Haggerty

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