On Thu, Jul 03, 2014 at 11:53:28AM -0400, David Salib wrote:

> When I clone a repository using git on osx this happens :
> [...]
> deleted:    modules/areversat-nidautoprov/files/dhcp/staticDHCPd/staticDHCPd
> [...]
> This does not happen under linux so the repository isn't the issue.

Does the repository have similar paths distinguished only by case? Try
looking at the output of:

  git ls-tree HEAD

If your file system is case-insensitive, then it might not be possible
to represent the repository contents on disk (git has some workarounds
to handle case-insensitivty, but fundamentally such filesystems cannot
represent "FOO" and "foo" with different contents, and you are best off
not trying to store that in your repository).

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