Hi Jakub,

On Fri, 4 Jul 2014, Jakub Narębski wrote:

> Shouldn't this message be marked [ANNOUNCE] in subject?

Well, I did not exactly announce something.

> Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> > the Git for Windows team, myself included, tried quite a couple of
> > times to mark the old home of Git for Windows on Google Code as
> > obsolete.
> >
> > Unfortunately, it is not possible to disable issue trackers nor
> > downloads (and Google Search helpfully insists on listing them as top
> > hits, still).
> [...]
> Hmmm... Thrust also moved to GitHub, but didn't disable Google Code page...

Good for them.

We had people who *still* downloaded the now thoroughly obsolete versions
from Google Code. It was not enough to mark all of the downloads as
deprecated, even.

And if things work for Thrust: good for them. Things just happened not to
work for the Git for Windows project, is all.


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