I built this terribly-written alias because I wanted to see a list of
branches by date of commit. The output looks like this:

$ git bbd
  11 months ago  pipette_editor
    7 weeks ago  ensure-ie-rendering-edge
    6 weeks ago  strings-yml
    5 weeks ago  message-when-validation-fails
    4 weeks ago  new-parsers
    11 days ago  tax
    8 hours ago  search
    7 hours ago  browse
 16 minutes ago  master
  8 seconds ago  org-read

And the alias, in all its glory:

  bbd = "!export head=$(git symbolic-ref HEAD); git for-each-ref
--sort=committerdate --format 'color=$(if [[ %(refname) = $head ]];
then printf \"\\e[32m\"; fi); printf \"\\e[01;30m%%15s\\e(B\\e[m
%%s%%s\\n\" %(committerdate:relative) $color %(refname:short)'
refs/heads/ --shell | sh"

I write this missive with dual purpose: firstly to share a potentially
useful tool, and secondly to suggest that this feature (with a less
mind-wrenchingly disgusting implementation) might be included in
mainline git, as for example `git branch [-t] | [--by-time]`.

Until the ocean swallows us all,
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