Am 07.07.2014 20:13, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
> Jens Lehmann <> writes:
>> Only the two targets "test-lint-duplicates" and "test-lint-executable" are
>> currently executed when running the test target. This was done on purpose
>> when the TEST_LINT variable was added in 81127d74. But as this does not
>> include the "test-lint-shell-syntax" target added the same day in commit
>> c7ce70ac, it is easy to accidentally add non portable shell constructs
>> without noticing that when running the test suite.
> I not running the lint-shell-syntax that is fundamentally flaky to
> avoid false positives is very much on purpose.  The flakiness is not
> the fault of the implementor of the lint-shell-syntax, but comes
> from the approach taken to pretend that simple pattern matching can
> parse shell scripts.  It may not complain on the current set of
> scripts, but that is not really by design but by accident.
> So I am not very enthusiastic to see this change myself.

Ok, I understand we do not want to lightly risk false positives. I
just noticed that I accidentally forgot to sign off this series, so
I'd resend just the first patch with a proper SOB, ok?
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