On 3 July 2014 23:55, Øyvind A. Holm <su...@sunbase.org> wrote:
> When compiling newest master (v2.0.1-472-g6f92e5f) on Debian 7.5
> (64-bit), t5150-request-pull.sh fails when compiling with
> $ make configure
> $ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/varprg/git.master.v2.0.1-472-g6f92e5f
> $ make prefix=/usr/local/varprg/git.master.v2.0.1-472-g6f92e5f
> $ cd t
> $ ./t5150-request-pull.sh

FYI, t5150-request-pull.sh passes all tests now on newest master
(v2.0.1-474-g72c7794) in Debian. There are two new commits on master
since I wrote this, and the commit that makes things work again is
4602f1a ("diff-tree: call free_commit_list() instead of duplicating
its code"). Reverting this commit brings the failure back.

The whole thing is still a mystery to me, though. I can't see why this
should have anything to do with the use of ./configure --prefix. I
tested several variants with and without ./configure --prefix, all
tests were run several times and were reproducible every time. Was
this --prefix thing just a red herring, or is it linked to this in
some way?

Also, the only file this commit touches is builtin/diff-tree.c, and
this file hasn't been modified since 2011. Does anyone know what's
going on here?

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