Yi EungJun:

 LANGUAGE= -> ""
 LANGUAGE=ko -> "Accept-Language: ko; q=1.000, *; q=0.001"
 LANGUAGE=ko:en -> "Accept-Language: ko; q=1.000, en; q=0.999, *; q=0.001"

Avoid adding "q=1.000". It is redundant (the default for any unqualified language names is 1.0, and additionally there has historically been some buggy servers that failed if it was included.

+       p1 = getenv("LANGUAGE");

You need a fallback mechanism here to parse all the possible language variables. I would use the first one I find of these:

 2. LC_ALL
 4. LANG

Only "LANGUAGE" holds a colon-separated list, but the same code can parse all of them, just yielding a single entry for the others.

+                               strbuf_add(buf, p1, p2 - p1);

The tokens are on the form language_COUNTRY.encoding@identifier, whereas Accept-Language wants language-COUNTRY, so you need to a) replace "_" with "-", and b) chop off anything following a "." or "@".

+                               strbuf_addf(buf, "; q=%.3f", q);
+                               q -= 0.001;

Three decimals seems a bit overkill, but some experimentation might be necessary.

+               strbuf_addstr(buf, "*; q=0.001\r\n");

You should probably also add an explicit "en" here, if none was already included. I've seen some servers break horribly if "en" isn't included.

For reference, I have my LANGUAGE variable set to "sv_SE.utf8:sv:nb_NO.utf8:nb:da_DK.utf8:da:nn_NO.utf8:nn:en_GB.utf8:en_US.utf8:en"

\\// Peter - http://www.softwolves.pp.se/
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