On Wed, Jul 09, 2014 at 02:21:00PM -0700, Jacob Keller wrote:

> Add support for configuring default sort ordering for git tags. Command
> line option will override this configured value, using the exact same
> syntax.

This makes sense, and was something I was expecting to add once tag and
branch both learned for-each-ref's sorting code. I don't think there
will be any compatibility problems in adding it now, though; the
ultimate interface will be the same (it will just know about more types
of sorting).

> +tag.sort::
> +     This variable is used to control the sort ordering of tags when
> +     displayed via linkgit:git-tag[5]. The current supported types are
> +     "refname" for lexicographic order (default) or "version:refname" or
> +     "v:refname" for tag names treated as versions. You may prepend a "-" to
> +     reverse the sort ordering.

Your link to git-tag[5] should be to git-tag[1], I think. The final
number is the manpage section.

I was going to complain that this is duplicating the sort documentation
from git-tag, but I see you actually moved it from the --sort option to
here, and refer back from there to here.

I think I'd prefer it the other way around (and explain this as "behave
as if --sort=<value> had been given"). As the sort options grow, it
seems likely that we will grow a new section in the git-tag manpage (and
eventually probably feed that content from an include that works for all
of for-each-ref, branch, and tag).

> +static char *configured_tag_sort;

When dealing with a config option that also has a command-line version,
we usually forgo this separate storage for the configured value.
Instead, we just set "sort" directly from the config callback (which may
require making it a global so the callback can access it), and then let
the command-line parser overwrite it.

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