I've used git-p4 for several years now and it's generally working well for me.

The only thing that bugs me at this time is having to re-clone regularly. Here is how this happens:

* Say my p4 client maps //foo/bar/... to /home/jdoe/perforce/foo/bar/... (I don't want to clone the entire repo, because it's too big). * I do git p4 clone --use-client-spec //foo /home/jdoe/git/foo, work with it, all goes well.
* Meanwhile, at some point somebody else adds //foo/baz.
* Eventually I need //foo/baz. I add it to my p4 client.
* Naturally, git-p4 won't pick up the changes, because they happened before I added //foo/baz to my client. * So I git reset --hard to the first commit, delete even that using git update-ref -d HEAD, then again I do git p4 clone //foo /home/jdoe/git/foo. When the repo gets big, this takes a lot of time.

So, I have a few questions:
1. Am I doing this wrong? Is there another way I could proceed?
2. It occurred to me that when I re-clone a repository using --use-client-spec, I already have everything I need in my local copy of the p4 client. Why does git-p4 need to redownload everything from the repository? Could we find a way to tell it to p4 sync, then fetch the files from the local copy? Or is there a way I can copy everything over from my local client and pretend this is the initial import?
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