duanemur...@mac.com wrote on Thu, 10 Jul 2014 12:19 -0700:
> Some additional investigation. 
> I am working in a copy of a repository that was originally used to pull the 
> data 
> from Perforce. As part of my experiments to figure out this problem, I 
> deleted 
> the contents of .git/git-p4-tmp/. 
> I noticed that git-p4 would continue if those files were present. I have now 
> copied the files that were in .git/git-p4-tmp/ from the other repository. 
> git-p4 is not crashing now, but I also noticed that none of the dates on 
> these files
> have changed. These files should have been touched each time that a branch is 
> taken,
> but these files have not changed while the sync is running.
> That seems significant. 
> I expect git-p4 to crash again on a new commit that is not in 
> .git/git-p4-tmp/. 
> Then I have to start the 8-12 hour process over again (did I mention 70k 
> commits?).

Bizarre.  That directory is really supposed to be temporary, and
live only during a single git p4 invocation.  It's just a bunch
of branch heads for the temporary commits.  I don't know why
those branches, and the git-p4-tmp directory, hang around after
you run git p4.  Might be worth your investigation.

The second weirdness is why a new run doesn't create the branch.
This maybe points to self.checkpoint() not really checkpointing.
It does send a "checkpoint" down the git fast-import stream,
which is supposed to make it write the branches out.  You might
consider grabbing the fast-import process in a debugger and see
why it's not writing out the branch head.

There's lots of changes since v1.7.12.4, but nothing obvious I
can see that would cause this.  Sorry,

                -- Pete
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