This is a [issue from
After doing some test, I report it here.
The following is the testing information I have tested.

### Folder Structure
  |-- myrepo
  |     |-- bar.txt
  |     |-- foo.txt
  |-- myrepo.git
        |-- .git
Testing repository is

### Using different worktree
Set the config file (in the .git folder)
        worktree = ../../myrepo

### Test 1 - Git Bash
User@PC /d/Repo/myrepo.git (master)
$ git --version
git version 1.9.4.msysgit.0

User@PC /d/Repo/myrepo.git (master)
$ git update-index --refresh
fatal: Unable to write new index file
D:\Repo\myrepo.git\\**index.lock** is not deleted.

### Test 2 - Git 2.0.0
Copy testing repository into ```C:\msysgit\MyTest```

```$ vagrant up```
```$ vagrant ssh```
```vagrant@precise64:/vagrant/git$ cd /vagrant```
```vagrant@precise64:/vagrant$ cd mytest/myrepo.git```
vagrant@precise64:/vagrant/mytest/myrepo.git$ git --version
git version 2.0.0
vagrant@precise64:/vagrant/mytest/myrepo.git$ git update-index --refresh
fatal: Unable to write new index file
Also, **index.lock is not deleted.**

### Test 3 - gitdll of TortoiseGit 
(git version 1.9.0)
Tracing the source code into **compat/mingw.c**
line 289 : xutftowcs_canonical_path() get the value of var. wpathname
It should be

line 294 : _wunlink() try to delete the
line 295 : GetLastError() return 3(ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND)
(Actually, there is no ```D:\Repo\myrepo\.git``` folder.)

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