Kyle J. McKay wrote:

> When I then try to fetch using a "git://host/..." URL where "host"
> is an mDNS host name, the 0010 patch causes git to attempt to lookup
> a DNS SRV record on the non-mDNS regular DNS service (a violation of
> RFC 6762 [4] section 22) and this is what has to time out before the
> real fetch can start.

That patch uses res_query from libresolv to do the lookup.  It doesn't
know what DNS server to use and relies on system libraries to get it

It was added to respond to a feature request within Debian but it is
intended to eventually go upstream.  I'm glad you found this issue
before that could happen. :)

Should git automatically disable the SRV lookups when it sees one of
the six domains named in RFC6762, or is there some system library call
that can use mDNS when appropriate automatically (or get partway there
without having to hard-code the domains)?

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