I'm developing a project called [Plushu][], an ecosystem for creating plugin-based dedicated user shells, patterned after [Dokku][] (and similar to git-shell).

[Plushu]: https://github.com/plushu/plushu
[Dokku]: https://github.com/progrium/dokku

Plushu has its own hook system for plugins (so multiple plugins can listen on a single hook). Right now, to extend Git's hooks to Plushu's plugins, Plushu's plugin for Git links the "$GIT_DIR/hooks" directory for all new repositories to a directory with scripts that delegate to Plushu's hook system.

I'd rather not have to alter the repository directories to create this interface, so it would be a significant improvement if Git provided some mechanism to specify hooks on the command line. I was thinking something like a GIT_HOOKS_DIR environment variable, or perhaps a "--hooks update=/opt/hook"-style option.

(Perhaps, as a more general solution, there should be a way of specifying alternatives for individual GIT_DIR subdirectories per-command?)

I'm willing to draft the patch for this if someone could point me to the relevant spot(s) in the code.

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