Am 18.07.2014 12:14, schrieb Armbruster Joachim (BEG/EMS1):
> Hello,
> We split a monolithic repository into ~50 submodules. The stored data
> has the same size. In the 1:1 comparison to the monolithic
> repository, the submodule handling is very slow. Under Linux
> everything remains fast, but windows is slow.
> So, why is git getting slow when it has to deal with a lot of
> submodules? I read something about the lack of the underlying cygwin
> to handle NTFS in a efficient way. Is this the root cause, or are
> there other causes also?


I assume you are using the latetst git from on

I would guess that submodules on windows are slow because is a shell script, and bash on windows is not really
that fast.

There has been some (albeit older) discussion on the msysgit
mailinglist, see [1].

You can play around with core.fscache [2] maybe that helps.


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