Thanks for the patch. I've had this issue today
and the patch has fixed it. I hope the patch makes
its way to Git.


> Hi Eric,
> thanks a lot for the reference.
> I added the Reported-by: and Signed-off-by: lines to the commit message.
>    Fabian
> -- >8 --
> Subject: rebase -i: Remember merge options beyond continue actions
> If the user explicitly specified a merge strategy or strategy options,
> "rebase --interactive" started using the default merge strategy again
> after "rebase --continue".
> This problem gets fixed by this commit. Add test.
> Since the "rebase" options "-s" and "-X" imply "--merge", we can simply
> remove the "do_merge" guard in the interactive mode and always compile
> the "cherry-pick" arguments from the "rebase" state variables "strategy"
> and "strategy_opts".
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