Am 18.07.2014 23:18, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
René Scharfe <> writes:

Use the existing argv_array member instead of providing our own.  This
way we don't have to initialize or clean it up explicitly.  Because of
that automatic cleanup, we need to keep our own reference to the
command name instead of using .argv[0] to print the warning at the end.

Signed-off-by: Rene Scharfe <>
The added command pointer makes the patch more complicated, but I think
it still counts as a cleanup.

Surely.  I'd move the "svnrdump" assignment to where the variable is
defined, though; we do not switch what "command" to run depending on
some computed conditions anyway.

OK; I see you already did that in pu, thanks. My point was to allow the compiler to warn if the variable command was used in the case start_command was not actually called. That's probably too subtle to be useful.

  remote-testsvn.c | 17 ++++++++---------
  1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff --git a/remote-testsvn.c b/remote-testsvn.c
index 6be55cb..e3ad11b 100644
--- a/remote-testsvn.c
+++ b/remote-testsvn.c
@@ -175,8 +175,8 @@ static int cmd_import(const char *line)
        char *note_msg;
        unsigned char head_sha1[20];
        unsigned int startrev;
-       struct argv_array svndump_argv = ARGV_ARRAY_INIT;
        struct child_process svndump_proc;
+       const char *command;

        if (read_ref(private_ref, head_sha1))
                startrev = 0;
@@ -200,17 +200,17 @@ static int cmd_import(const char *line)
                if(dumpin_fd < 0)
                        die_errno("Couldn't open svn dump file %s.", url);
        } else {
+               command = "svnrdump";
                memset(&svndump_proc, 0, sizeof(struct child_process));
                svndump_proc.out = -1;
-               argv_array_push(&svndump_argv, "svnrdump");
-               argv_array_push(&svndump_argv, "dump");
-               argv_array_push(&svndump_argv, url);
-               argv_array_pushf(&svndump_argv, "-r%u:HEAD", startrev);
-               svndump_proc.argv = svndump_argv.argv;
+               argv_array_push(&svndump_proc.args, command);
+               argv_array_push(&svndump_proc.args, "dump");
+               argv_array_push(&svndump_proc.args, url);
+               argv_array_pushf(&svndump_proc.args, "-r%u:HEAD", startrev);

                code = start_command(&svndump_proc);
                if (code)
-                       die("Unable to start %s, code %d", 
svndump_proc.argv[0], code);
+                       die("Unable to start %s, code %d", command, code);
                dumpin_fd = svndump_proc.out;
        /* setup marks file import/export */
@@ -226,8 +226,7 @@ static int cmd_import(const char *line)
        if (!dump_from_file) {
                code = finish_command(&svndump_proc);
                if (code)
-                       warning("%s, returned %d", svndump_proc.argv[0], code);
-               argv_array_clear(&svndump_argv);
+                       warning("%s, returned %d", command, code);

        return 0;
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