curious: I am only an occasional programmer in C.  I read Linus'
post that C++ is a horrible language.

alas, I wonder why people like Linus, who live in C, do not
design C 11.1---a preprocessor or preprocessor replacement that
adds some modest niceties to the language.  For example, forward
references and auto-header generation.  For example, a shorter
way to state #ifndef X #define X #endif .  For example,
propagation of '...' and optional arguments.  Many others.

It would be a collection of small improvements, some copied from
C++ (or other languages), that make the actual C kernel code
programming more pleasant.  I don't mean a full new language,
like C++ or D.  over time, given the prominence of the kernel and
Linus, this could even morph into a quasi-standard with toolchain
and IDE support.  Not a full new language, just modest C language
programming pleasantry enhancements.

what IDE and tools does Linus use?  (I do know linux and git! ;-).)
do these tools make enhancements less useful?!?


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