Ronnie Sahlberg <> writes:

> We currently do not handle badly named refs well :
> $ cp .git/refs/heads/master .git/refs/heads/master.....@\*@\\.
> $ git branch
>    fatal: Reference has invalid format: 'refs/heads/master.....@*@\.'
> $ git branch -D master.....@\*@\\.
>   error: branch 'master.....@*@\.' not found.
> But we can not really recover from a badly named ref with less than
> manually deleting the .git/refs/heads/<refname> file.
> Change resolve_ref_unsafe to take a flags field instead of a 'reading'
> boolean and update all callers that used a non-zero value for reading
> to pass the flag RESOLVE_REF_READING instead.
> Add another flag RESOLVE_REF_ALLOW_BAD_NAME that will make
> resolve_ref_unsafe skip checking the refname for sanity and use this
> from branch.c so that we will be able to call resolve_ref_unsafe on such
> refs when trying to delete it.

Makes sense.

> Add checks for refname sanity when updating (not deleting) a ref in
> ref_transaction_update and in ref_transaction_create to make the transaction
> fail if an attempt is made to create/update a badly named ref.
> Since all ref changes will later go through the transaction layer this means
> we no longer need to check for and fail for bad refnames in
> lock_ref_sha1_basic.
> Change lock_ref_sha1_basic to not fail for bad refnames. Just check the
> refname, and print an error, and remember that the refname is bad so that
> we can skip calling verify_lock().

This is somewhat puzzling, though.

> @@ -2180,6 +2196,8 @@ static struct ref_lock *lock_ref_sha1_basic(const char 
> *refname,
>               else
>                       unable_to_lock_index_die(ref_file, errno);
>       }
> +     if (bad_refname)
> +             return lock;

Hmph.  If the only offence was that the ref was named badly due to
historically loose code, does the caller not still benefit from the
verify-lock check to make sure that other people did not muck with
the ref while we were planning to update it?

>       return old_sha1 ? verify_lock(lock, old_sha1, mustexist) : lock;
>   error_return:
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