Jeff King <> writes:

> If you have an untracked directory that contains excluded files, like
> this:
>   mkdir foo
>   echo content >foo/one
>   echo content >foo/two
>   echo "foo/one" >.gitignore
> then "git clean -d" will notice that "foo" is untracked and recursively
> delete it and its contents, including the ignored "foo/one".

Hmph, starting from an empty repository and doing the above four
commands, and "git clean" without "-d" does not bother removing
either foo/one or foo/two.  Is this correct?

It gets worse.  Following the above four commands and then these two:

    git add foo/two

and "git clean" (with or without "-d") suddenly notices that
"foo/three" is expendable, but not foo/one nor foo/two, which sounds
about right.

Honestly, as I do not use "git clean" myself, I do not know what the
"right" behaviour is for that command.  Anything it does seems just
arbitrary and wrong to me ;-)

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