Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> in my ~/.gitconfig and then for a particular project I wanted to use
> a custom pattern in its .git/config but it was sufficient to define
> the pattern without using extended regexp, I would be tempted to say
>       diff.foo.funcname "Wine$"

The point is: to do that, you need to know that funcname exists, hence
read archives of the doc before 2008 (it disapeared in
45d9414fa5599b41578625961b53e18a9b9148c7) or read the code. And if I
read correctly the commit message for the commit, funcname is not
portable so you should use xfuncname anyway.

The real reason for this change is to let the code work with the new
git_config, but I think it's reasonable not to bother with the original
behavior for a feature deprecated so long ago.

That said, I think the commit message should be improved (recall the
drawbacks of funcname).

Matthieu Moy
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