Steffen Nurpmeso venit, vidit, dixit 24.07.2014 15:29:
> Hello (again, psssssst, after a long time),
> it happened yesterday that i needed to do
>   > (cd src && git apply -) 
> but found that didn't work with v2.0.0 (silently succeeds?, doing
> nothing).  It works without the subshell and the cd(1); i had to
> use `(cd src && patch -p2)' instead to keep in going.
> Just in case that is not known yet (i've updated my git(1) repo,
> but in the 1466 commits in between nothing sprung into my eye
> regarding apply, and a Gmane search didn't, too).
> No need to Cc: me, please just fix it; thank you.
> Ciao,
> --steffen

Ah little more context would help. Are you diffing files in the subdir
src, or a file at the root which happens to be present in the subdir src
as well?

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