Jeff King <> writes:

> Since Stefan has recently started feeding git builds to coverity, I
> spent a few minutes poking through the results. There are tons of false
> positives, so there is some work to be done there with tweaking our
> coverity models. But there are some real issues, too. Here are fixes for
> the handful that I looked at.
>   [1/5]: receive-pack: don't copy "dir" parameter
>   [2/5]: free ref string returned by dwim_ref
>   [3/5]: transport: fix leaks in refs_from_alternate_cb
>   [4/5]: fix memory leak parsing core.commentchar
>   [5/5]: apply: avoid possible bogus pointer
> -Peff

Thanks, they all make sense to me.  I'd probably have to wiggle 4/5
a bit to port the fix over to both maint and master, though.
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