I’m creating a git clone of a svn repository and am trying to set up an authors 
file to map between the svn users and our git usernames. The svn repository 
uses the full subject line of a ssl certificate for the user id and so it 
contains ‘=’ which causes the authors file to be parsed incorrectly as it 
splits on the first equals.

The code that does the parsing is:

# '<svn username> = real-name <email address>' mapping based on git-svnimport:
sub load_authors {
                open my $authors, '<', $_authors or die "Can't open $_authors 
                my $log = $cmd eq 'log';
                while (<$authors>) {
                                next unless /^(.+?|\(no 
                                my ($user, $name, $email) = ($1, $2, $3);
                                if ($log) {
<$email>"} = $user;
                                } else {
                                                $users{$user} = [$name, $email];
                close $authors or croak $!;

How can I work around this limitation?


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