Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> David Besen wrote:
>> Jonathan Nieder wrote:
>>> This is how pull --rebase works.  It turns your single-parent commits
>>> into a sequence of patches on top of upstream and completely ignores
>>> your merge commits.
>>> There is a --rebase=preserve option that makes a halfhearted attempt
>>> to preserve your merges --- perhaps that would help?  The
>>> git-rebase(1) documentation has more details.
>> Ah thanks, I'll RTFM better in the future.
> No, not a problem.  It's very useful to see examples of where git's
> behavior was counterintuitive and the documentation was more obscure
> than it could have been.

Should documentaion warn that "git pull --rebase=true" (and
pull.merge=true configuration) could be harmful, and that
--rebase=preserve (and pull.merge=preserve) should better be used

Is there any scenario at all where pull --rebase=true wins over

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